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About Us

Pepsy M. Kettavong, Founder & owner of Novat Shoreline LLC

Our Mission

We fulfill our clients lifestyle needs, by providing a high level of craftsmanship and unique artistic vision to your lake front landscaping projects. Through the integration of art into architecture we provide a service like no other!

-Pepsy M. Kettavong


Our History

Novat Shoreline LLC is a construction & landscaping company, specializing in design, project managment & building of Lake Front Landscape Solutions. Our work includes; Sea Walls, Break Walls, Sheet Steel Pile, Boulder, Timber & Concrete Walls, Landscape, Hardscape, and Docks & Patios. We have extensive experience along the shores of Lake Ontario in Western New York.

Since  1999, Kettavong and the Novat team have designed, managed & built public sculptures, residential & commercial buildings, public parks, private landscapes and museum spaces. Kettavong's most notable landmark projects are the larger than life size, bronze  sculpture, "Let's Have Tea," in the Susan B. Anthony Square Park and the  bronze sculpture, "Reflecting," in Nathaniel Square Park. These well-known public symbols in Rochester, New York,  are celebrated representations of Kettavong's creativity that he continues to incorporate into all his current lake front projects.

 Novat Shoreline LLC  was founded by renowned artist and designer, Pepsy M.  Kettavong. Kettavong graduated from the Rochester Institute of  Technology with a BA in art and attended architecture school at the  University of Buffalo. Pepsy has over 25 years of designing & managing both commercial and residential construction projects, including lake front landscape solutions. His collective artistic vision sets him apart from his competition- emphasizing the aesthetic as well as the practical details of any project.


Our Team

Novat Shoreline is committed to interpreting our client's needs and working together with a common purpose. We pride ourselve's on our open communication with clients, whether it is a lake front landscape, retaining break wall or new structure design.

 We also believe that an environmentally sensitive and health conscious team working to recycle materials, use of green building techniques and maintaining a smoke-free work environment, generates trust and confidence in us as your craftsmen.

With 90 years combined experience in both inland & marine construction, Novat Shoreline LLC  designs solutions to fit your needs. We will procure Department of Environmental Conservation and Army Corps of Engineers approval. 

We are fully insured and references are available.


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Novat Shoreline LLC

8 N Madison Park, Rochester, New York 14608, United States

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